How to Maintain Your Residential HVAC System as a Pet Owner

1. Check Filters Frequently

With a pet in your home, your HVAC filter needs to be replaced at least once a month. Hair, dander, skin cells, and other particles can easily clog filters. Consider investing in a reusable filter you can clean yourself.

2. Clean Your Home & Pet Regularly

To help avoid clogs, vacuum and clean your home every other day. Bathe and brush your pet often to get rid of dander and loose fur that would otherwise end up in the filter.

3. Save Energy While You’re Away

Adjusting the temperature when just your pets are in the house won’t make them uncomfortable. Save energy and money by turning it up a few degrees during the summer or down a bit during the winter. Ask an HVAC specialist what range is safe for your home and pets.

4. Have Ducts Inspected & Cleaned

No matter how much house and pet cleaning you do, some hair and particles are bound to make it into your ducts. During your annual residential HVAC maintenance appointment, ask the technician to inspect the ducts for accumulation.

5. Safeguard Your Outdoor Unit

It’s safe for pets to be around outdoor units, but they can scratch parts, urinate on the equipment, and chew on cables. Have a fence installed around the HVAC unit to protect it from four-legged threats.

Owning pets shouldn’t get in the way of your heating and cooling systems. The professionals at JMD Corporation/Jackson Heating and Air will make sure you and your furry family member are comfortable.

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