March Comes In Like A Lion

The saying that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” means that when the month begins it is still winter and by the time it ends it is spring. Needless to say March is a strange month for the weather, and it always has been.

You don’t have to let the swings of March make this time of the year difficult in your home. Proper HVAC services this month not only help maintain comfort, but they also prepare your air conditioning for the coming summer and help the heating system close out the season on a strong note. Even if it’s still cold outside, March is an excellent time for scheduling your annual AC maintenance.

Spring maintenance is essential to ensure that an air conditioner will work in top condition during the coming hot weather and won’t unnecessarily drain power. With proper maintenance your air conditioner should enjoy a lengthy service life.

Stay on top of heating repairs. You take a big risk when you let heating problems go without repairs at any time of the year. But in March, the risk is higher because you’re more likely to ignore the problems outright due to the approach of warmer weather.

Take a moment to think about the age of your home’s AC and if it has shown signs that it’s wearing down. If it’s over 15 years old and isn’t working as well as it once did, take advantage of this month and arrange to have a new system installed. During maintenance, one of our technicians can assist you with making the choice about a replacement. If you do need a new air conditioner, you can trust our team to find the best system to install and have the work done fast and correctly.

So call us today at JMD Corporation/Jackson Heating and Air!

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