Tips To Insure That Your HVAC System Operates Safely

Warmer weather is on the way. But before you celebrate the first day of spring, there are a few steps to take to prep your HVAC system for big temperature changes. Follow these four suggestions to ensure that your heating and cooling system operates safely and efficiently all season.

  1. Do An Energy Audit

Now that winter has passed, it’s a good time to sit down and total your heating costs.

  1. Replace Filters

When’s the last time you changed your air filter? Chances are, you don’t swap filters each month (even though that’s recommended). But changing filters is one of the easiest ways to prevent damaged equipment.

  1. Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Your cooling system has been sitting dormant for months.  A spring air conditioning tune-up can prevent costly repairs, detect refrigerant leaks, address inefficient equipment, and beat the heat long before hot temperatures make their way to your home.

  1. Consider an HVAC Protection Plan

This is a good time to consider an HVAC protection plan. Call JMD Corporation/Jackson Heating and Air for more information.


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